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Irish Blogger Gathering – Don’t mind if I Purdue

The Irish hung another W last week vs. Pitt. Following the victory, talk continued to swirl around the QB position with Brian Kelly deciding to stay the course. Our struggles at Pitt seemed a little less troublesome after Pitt just put a whipping on South Florida. But if you really need your QB controversy fix, that sadly may be with us for a while, you can join in the fun here.

No matter what you think about who should be quarterback, the common ground is that we all want whoever is at quarterback to play great and lead the Irish to victory.

Following last week’s theme, I brought back one of our staff leprechauns to help out on this week’s IBG. He will be my wingman as we tackle the questions provided by the Irish Round Table

Saturday’s match-up is game five and there is no doubt that we should beat Purdue by a couple of scores. My heart could sure use a break from the stress of another close game.

But enough chatter already, on to the questions and predictions shall we? LEGHOOOOOOOOOO!!

1. Excluding Aaron Lynch, who is your top newcomer of the year thus far (freshman or player that hadn’t seen much playing time in prior seasons)?


LGI Big Kahuna

Irish Chocolate…looks a lot like Larry Legend

EDILooooooouis Nix. Irish Chocolate #9 himself.

Nix and Sean Cwynar have been studs in the middle of the Irish defense this year. They completely destroy the pocket with a surge up the middle that flushes out the QB and lets the ends clean them up. Sadly good defensive tackle play doesn’t always show itself in the individual stats but they have the Larry Bird factor, they make their teammates better.

Disgruntled Leprechaun

Disgruntled Leprechaun

Hmmmm, I guess George Atkinson III? If I can post-date this response, I’ll say Hendrix or Golson 🙂
Editor’s Note: Is that a smiley face?! I am not paying for you to post similey faces. You are the Disgrunted Leprechaun. Post with some dignity, man! And right out of the gate too. smh

2. We asked our Twitter followers for questions to use in this week’s IBG. Here’s a sampling of what we got. Choose ONE and answer:?

  • @TheSubwayDomer: If the #NDFB quarterbacks were female super models, who would they be? What would they endorse?
  • @PerrasW01: Why has the #NDFB program gone to hell since Holtz left?
  • @rpleary: You know that sign that says “Play Like a Champion Today”? What does our offense have against the sign?
  • @chadros: Based on our offense’s performance to date, is the current play calling mix(run vs. pass) the right one? Should we be running the ball more?
  • @yetiisready: Will this be the week we see the “change-up package” AKA “the Leprecat?”


LGI Big Kahuna

I will flippin answer them all. BRING IT!

@TheSubwayDomer: If the #NDFB quarterbacks were female super models, who would they be? What would they endorse?

testTommy Rees = Kate Moss
She is very plain for a supermodel but she is like on a bazillion magazine covers because apparently she can get the job done. Kate also is on the smallish side for a supermodel and her coach never has her throw the ball farther than 15 yards down field.

Oh yeah, what would he/she endorse? Um…well….:

Dayne Crist = The Model in the video
I don’t want to play spoiler so watch the video.

That is a shame, she never got to finish what she started. Well maybe if one of the other supermodels screws up, she will get another chance. Oh yeah, what would he/she endorse? :



testAndrew Hendrix = Jessica Alba as the Invisible Woman
Every guy with a pair of eyes knows that Jessica Alba has got it going on. She has it all: the looks, the body, the entire package. How ironic that that in the Fantasic Four she plays the invisible woman? That would be like recruiting a dual-threat quarterback into a spread offense and never…

Oh yeah, and for the endorsement- milk.

testEverett Golson = Tony Rice
“Oh what? You wanted me to pick Trya Banks or something? Sure Tyra is hot but can she run and throw the football 70 yards downfield?

Heck yeah, I want Everett to be Tony Rice; half the Notre Dame football world does. And if you don’t think Tony qualifies as a supermodel then you have obviously no idea of the guys background. Do you think the picture on the right is an action shot?

Oh yeah, what would he/he endorse? Champion apparel of course.

@PerrasW01: Why has the #NDFB program gone to hell since Holtz left?
Well that is a heck of a question. I think it had something to do with Bob Davie, Tyrone Willingham, Charlie Weis’s assistant coaches, Osama Bin Laden, and Swiper from Dora the Explorer. That fox or weasel or whatever he is, is always screwing stuff up.

@rpleary: You know that sign that says “Play Like a Champion Today”? What does our offense have against the sign?
I see why you choose these questions, the force is strong in this one. Well rpleary, I think the answer is that they keep forgeting to hit the sign. It is the only logical explanation.

@chadros: Based on our offense’s performance to date, is the current play calling mix(run vs. pass) the right one? Should we be running the ball more?
I think that the run/pass mix is fine through the first three quarters. When the fourth quarter comes around we seem to forget the running game. I think we need to run the ball more in the fourth, as long as the situations of the game allow it.

@yetiisready: Will this be the week we see the “change-up package” AKA “the Leprecat?”
I spoke too soon. What a stupid question. I mean of all the questions that you had to choose from you go and pick this one. Can someone tell me what a Leprecat even is?

But if you mean putting in the second QB package for a few plays, then I am all for it. Just pick a spot during the game and put in like 5-6 scripted plays with Hendrix running the show. I like it because not only does it give us an advantage because no one has seen that package yet, but it forces teams to prepare for it in the future. Plus we get to see Hendrix. So count that as a win-win-win. Oh and I was just kidding about it being a stupid question, I just knew ahead of time that the disgruntled Leprechaun was going to pick it- just part of the schtick.

Disgruntled Leprechaun

Disgruntled Leprechaun

@yetiisready: Will this be the week we see the “change-up package” AKA “the Leprecat?”

I chose this question because I sincerely hope the answer is yes. We have GOT to get something going with this offense. And I can’t see answering the question about running the ball more because I honestly think we’ve gotten too predictable running it. It’s a testament to our RBs and OL that we’re still even getting positive yardage with the state of our passing game…

3. If you could have 1 play back this season, what play would you want a do-over? How would that have changed a game’s outcome? Are you sure your do-over would work in ND’s favor?


LGI Big Kahuna

Tough one, but I would say the Jonas Gray fumble vs. South Florida. I think had we scored there the game would have turned out much differently and we would have at least gotten a longer look at what Crist could do this year.


Disgruntled Leprechaun

Disgruntled Leprechaun

No brainer: Either of the two plays during the last Michigan drive. Either one. Actually, how about recovering that Michigan fumble that Denard ran in? How about that almost sack by KLM? Man, there are WAY too many plays against UM that should’ve resulted in an Irish win…


4. In 140 characters or less “tweet” a summary of the season so far. Bonus points for hashtags or mentions.


LGI Big Kahuna

@NDfanInComa Don’t watch the USF or Mich games this year. It will only kill u. Seriously, if u didn’t think ur #lifewasdoomed before it will make you want to #enditall



Disgruntled Leprechaun

Disgruntled Leprechaun

RT@AnyNotreDameFan Notre Dame thought it was great, ended up being great on D except against Michigan, and managed to make the offense look like 2002 Notre Dame #TyWillieFlashbacks #WhatIncriminatingPicturesDoesReesHaveOfKelly


5. Lou Holtz asked 3 basic questions of every player and coach, “Can I trust you? Are you committed? Do you care about me?” In your opinion, which player would every other player give a resounding “Yes” to each of these questions and why?


LGI Big Kahuna

I really don’t think that there is a player on the team that you couldn’t say this about. It is why we love Notre Dame and continue to be Notre Dame fans 23 years after our last national championship.

True story, I was talking to an ND student this week, not football inclined, yes they exist, and told him that our last national championship was in 1988. He said wow that is pathetic, 1998? I said no 1988. Ugh.

PS to the guy in the coma. Screw the first two games, if you have been in the coma long enough skip the last 18 years.

Disgruntled Leprechaun

Disgruntled Leprechaun

Robert Blanton, Harrison Smith, Manti Te’o – You could probably add Mike Floyd to this list, but I think all those guys have demonstrated their commitment and drive.  I’ve seen a lot of grit and determination from many guys on defense, but those stand out.


6. Jumbotron. Good idea or terrible idea. What would you do to make it a great idea?


LGI Big KahunaWell in fact we did a feature about it and it went a little something like this:

Jumbotron – Give it a Great Big Hug Notre Dame


Disgruntled Leprechaun

Disgruntled Leprechaun

Great idea.  Put them in all four corners of the stadium.  And build a skybox opposite of the pressbox (east side).  Do I really have to explain why it would be great to get the old, rich fans out of the seats where players can hear you?


7. Every week we try to fire up the masses with a “Fire It Up” video. Sometimes these videos are inspirational ballads of kick-ass Notre Dame football. Sometimes they are of a Japanese game show with dudes getting hit in the junk. Submit a video to Fire Up the Irish faithful for the Purdue game.


LGI Big Kahuna

Man I miss Ray Zellars…you are going to make me cry…in a manly way.

Disgruntled Leprechaun

Disgruntled Leprechaun

Remember when we used to pwn on offense?  Yeah, me too:

Alright, now it is your turn. Sound off on these questions or our responses in the comments section below.

Go Irish!

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  1. Oh…2005 vs. Purdue…I remember watching that game with my gf of the time…at a church function in South Bend…she was a Purdue alum. The whole first half (you know, before we put the third team on in the second half) the entire rest of the elementary school gymnasium, especially including me since I was attending grad school at ND at the time, was erupting in applause and she was just shrinking and getting redder. Good times. Wish I could believe we’ll put that much hurt on Purdue this year, but…

    • @paulus Similar story. Wife is a big Purdue fan, thought it would be fun to go to a ND-PU game together. First play of the game Purdue fumbles the kickoff I jump to my feet pumping my fists. I turn around to see my wife, not amused. It was one of the longest ND games of my life despite ND winning. That was Ty’s first game at ND stadium.

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