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Notre Dame Football Gameday – Michigan 9/10/2011 – Open thread

Sep 10, 2011 /

It’s gameday Irish fans. Make sure you leave a comment during the day with your score predictions, a limerick keys to the game or just a Go Irish! Check back in during the game for live game chat with other irish fans giving their own play-by-play reactions. Below are our keys to the game and a gameday limerick to enjoy.

Keys to the Game – How to tell how the day will go

Tonight’s game vs. Michigan (sucks) is huge. The difference between 0-2 and 1-1 is much larger than one game. The Irish have to show today that they can take care of the ball but most importantly bounce back if adversity comes their way.

The Good

  • The Irish offense operates on tempo. Rees is definitely a rhythm QB and once that tune gets started he is a wonderful distributor of the football.
  • A second receiver emerges. It doesn’t matter whether it is Tyler Eifert, Theo Riddick, TJ Jones or even Robby Toma (hint to BK) ND needs to establish a threat today that will take some of the heat off of Floyd.
  • Last week’s Cierre Wood shows up this week
  • A BIG improvement in special teams. Speical teams is 1/3 of the college game and ND can’t repeat like week’s abysmal performance

The Bad

  • Turnovers that give Michigan (sucks) the short field. The more the Irish can force Robinson to drive the entire field the better likelihood that those drives result in turnovers
  • Limit the big plays – In the recent past, the Michigan (sucks) offense has lived on big play. Cut off that lifeline and Michigan has a much tougher time matching-up with the Irish
  • If we are unable to contain Robinson. You don’t have to stop him, he will get his yards but you can’t let him keep you off-balance. The Irish must be able to take away his ability to scramble with a spy of some sort. If we don’t have a player that can shadow Denard or if we cannot keep him in a collapsing pocket, it spells trouble for the Irish

Gameday Limerick

It’s Michigan for the Irish – game two
Throwback white and green vs. Blue
Tie your shoelaces Denard
Cause your about to be scared
By T’eo and his wrecking crew

Gameday thread

That is below and how good it is up to you! Let’s Go Irish!!

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283 responses to “Notre Dame Football Gameday – Michigan 9/10/2011 – Open thread”

  1. CT says:

    CT’s Key to the Game:

    The Irish need to score more points than Michigan.

  2. LetsGoIrish says:

    @CT I will make sure to add that for next week.

  3. CT says:

    @LetsGoIrish Well … I don’t know if it holds true for all games, but this week, if the Irish can manage to come through on this key to the game …. I like their chances against Michigan.

    Colin Cowherd went with ND as one of his blazing five picks this week. He predicted a score of ND 30 Mich 16. I don’t know if that is a good thing or not.

  4. LetsGoIrish says:

    @CT Cowherd is going to hate when Notre Dame when it suits him and he is going to pick them when he thinks he can to please ND fans. I like our chances today as long as we don’t shoot ourselves in the leg 3-5 times.

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  6. LetsGoIrish says:

    8:00 is almost here. lehgooooooo!!

  7. LetsGoIrish says:

    UGH. Watching on ESPN360 and the audio is all wackado

  8. LetsGoIrish says:

    Uniforms look sweet by the way.

  9. LetsGoIrish says:

    Sweet audio is going on.

  10. LetsGoIrish says:

    Sweet audio is going on.

  11. LetsGoIrish says:

    Brent Musburger on the mic….breathe in ….breathe out

  12. LetsGoIrish says:

    Brent Musburger on the mic….breathe in ….breathe out

  13. LetsGoIrish says:

    I am hoping that we start on D.

  14. LetsGoIrish says:


  15. LetsGoIrish says:

    See a lot of lurkers…jump on in.

  16. LetsGoIrish says:

    NICE!!! Thank you Brian Kelly. Time for the D to set the tone.

  17. LetsGoIrish says:

    Awww..that make a man feel son was excited to see Erin Andrews

  18. lep927 says:

    is this going to be another WTF kind of game for ND?

  19. LetsGoIrish says:

    Gotta put more of a pop on him.

  20. LetsGoIrish says:

    Get used to that Denard. lep no negative waves man

  21. LetsGoIrish says:

    NICE 3 and OUT!!!!!

  22. lep927 says:

    negative waves? it was a question. after last week, nobody knows what to expect.

  23. LetsGoIrish says:

    Goodman on the punt return. I like it.. We don’t need big returns…just give it to the O

  24. LetsGoIrish says:

    Two nice runs….sorry if I am a bit behind…watching on ESPN 360 or whatever they are calling it now

  25. lep927 says:

    why BK did not start Rees last week is a true mystery. dumb move. Crist was toast when he got hurt two years ago. Rees has way more “it” than Crist will ever have.

  26. LetsGoIrish says:

    Love the huge running lanes.

  27. lep927 says:

    love that we don’t have a Frankenstein-like QB.

  28. lep927 says:

    well. going to go grill. this is a boring lot. moving on.

  29. LetsGoIrish says:

    Crist has a cannon for an arm. I heard somebody describe it well. Crist at his best is a 10 because of all of his physical tools. To extend that, Rees at his best is a nine. The sad thing about it was that Crist ranged from 5-10 but Rees stays around 9.

  30. LetsGoIrish says:

    NICE!!!! TD IRISH!!!

  31. lep927 says:

    Crist is over-rated.

  32. LetsGoIrish says:

    What an opening drive.

  33. lep927 says:

    Rees is under-rated.

  34. LetsGoIrish says:

    I think people appreciate Rees

  35. LetsGoIrish says:

    I think Michigan is over-matched in this game.

  36. LetsGoIrish says:

    Love the kickoff coverage. And the sweet bat down by KLM

  37. LetsGoIrish says:

    We came to play tonight that is for sure. Thoughts @CT

  38. lep927 says:

    hello CT. peace.

  39. LetsGoIrish says:

    Dear Michigan here is your hat, allow us to hand it to you

  40. LetsGoIrish says:

    Nice check…. The running lanes are HUGE!

  41. lep927 says:

    winning this game won’t put in ND in the top 25, though. game one hurt credibility big time. still can’t believe that game. well, yes I can. but, not really….

  42. LetsGoIrish says:

    Wow, Andrew Luck went off today.

  43. LetsGoIrish says:

    I am not so sure about them not being in the top 25. They are only 1-1 and Michigan hasn’t played anyone that could act as a measuring stick. I am not worried about the polls this month..more worried about where we are at come bowl time.

  44. LetsGoIrish says:

    I am not so sure about them not being in the top 25. They are only 1-1 and Michigan hasn’t played anyone that could act as a measuring stick. I am not worried about the polls this month..more worried about where we are at come bowl time.

  45. LetsGoIrish says:

    This game will be known as the fish in a barrel game if Rees keeps this up.

  46. LetsGoIrish says:

    Some people are wondering how to log in. Just make a post and it will ask you to use one of your existing accounts (facebook, google, etc.) or you can create your own livefrye account. Don’t sweat it, from what I have seen so far, adding the account doesn’t open you up to any spam.

  47. lep927 says:

    I really don’t follow ND football like I used to. had to stop the obsession. so, I’m a bit behind the times. I see where people are complaining about BK’s temper. screw those people. ND NEEDS BK. too many years of idiot coaches with no spine. I still like BK.

  48. LetsGoIrish says:

    Loving the tempo of this game, Michigan (sucks) doesn’t know what to try to stop.

  49. LetsGoIrish says:

    Musberger has got to be ticked, he LOVES cheering against the Irish

  50. lep927 says:

    Musberger is too commercial. he got too big. I used to like him. he is better than Hammond any day, though.

  51. LetsGoIrish says:

    Yeah I am not a big fan of Hammon either. Musberger does a good job but he plays fan boy too often for certain teams (USC,tOSU,USC)

  52. LetsGoIrish says:

    Kick off coverage has been nails tonight

  53. lep927 says:

    wow. could this finally be the year where ND ends it’s stupid act on the football field?

  54. LetsGoIrish says:

    NICE!!!! Gary Gray…my man

  55. lep927 says:

    so. just supposin’. ND runs the table from tonight until the end of the season. NC game is a possibility. early loss hurts much less than a late loss. refer to BC debacle for precedence.

  56. LetsGoIrish says:

    Wow. Nice throw Denard. They need Vanilla Ice back

  57. LetsGoIrish says:

    Wow. Nice throw Denard. They need Vanilla Ice back

  58. LetsGoIrish says:

    I agree Lep but we also have to rely on there being no straggling unbeatens.

  59. lep927 says:

    yes. we need help. I’d settle for a top ten finish this year.

  60. LetsGoIrish says:

    I think Utah moving to the Pac 12 and Nebraska moving to the B1G will help that. Now we just need someone to beat Oklahoma. The SEC champ will probably always make it in for the foreseeable future.

  61. lep927 says:

    SEC rocks! us southerners know football better than you northerners. lolol

  62. lep927 says:

    so, what is the temp tonight? note that both teams are from a northern climate. also, note that USF had an advantage last week when the temp was high. that is why they won.

  63. LetsGoIrish says:

    Apparently Notre Dame’s throwback cheerleaders were Amish

  64. lep927 says:

    the temp does not favor either team tonight

  65. LetsGoIrish says:

    Yeah there is rain in the forecast too

  66. lep927 says:

    seriously and not to cause undo animosity – ND’s cheerleaders are never the first group to google…

  67. lep927 says:

    The Rocket is THE most exciting Irish player ever.

  68. LetsGoIrish says:

    agreed on the Rocket…Tate being probably #2 in my lifetime

  69. LetsGoIrish says:

    Ok so end of the first quarter…great quarter. Michigan is most likely not going to go three and out for the entire 2nd quarter…let’s see how the Irish respond to Michigan’s adjustments. Great game plan coming in.

  70. LetsGoIrish says:

    Ok so end of the first quarter…great quarter. Michigan is most likely not going to go three and out for the entire 2nd quarter…let’s see how the Irish respond to Michigan’s adjustments. Great game plan coming in.

  71. lep927 says:

    not that anyone gives a rat’s %$#@, but I lost my voice cheering for ND vs. Michigan last year. that’s when the dark ages began….

  72. lep927 says:

    not that anyone gives a rat’s %$#@, but I lost my voice cheering for ND vs. Michigan last year. that’s when the dark ages began….

  73. lep927 says:

    Tate was good. imagine him with a real QB…

  74. lep927 says:

    Tate was good. imagine him with a real QB…

  75. hamelot says:

    Not much business for the Complaint Department tonight.

  76. LetsGoIrish says:

    Welcome aboard Hammy!

  77. hamelot says:

    Thanks. Still working on getting my avatar up.

  78. Grirish says:

    He can’t throw!

  79. lep927 says:

    that was not good.

  80. Grirish says:

    The one time he runs one back and he goes the wrong way!

  81. Grirish says:

    The one time he runs one back and he goes the wrong way!

  82. lep927 says:

    so, is ND really much better than last year, or is UM missing some key guys? hope it is the former.

  83. LetsGoIrish says:

    Welcome GR!

  84. LetsGoIrish says:

    CT if he were alive would say that Robinson is excellent at extending the play….and so would Brian Kelly.

  85. Grirish says:

    Took some work but I made it. Not sure how long the battery is going to let me stay.

  86. lep927 says:

    hey – quick question. don’t need ultra details. just the synopsis. what did Floyd do? didn’t he get suspended?

  87. LetsGoIrish says:

    turn down the brightness GR..that will buy you 5 minutes

  88. LetsGoIrish says:

    Floyd is looking GOOD!

  89. LetsGoIrish says:

    You can tell he dropped some weight from last year

  90. lep927 says:

    so, can I get an answer on Floyd? didn’t he get suspended in the off season?

  91. Grirish says:

    @LetsGoIrish Kelly running him to death!

  92. LetsGoIrish says:

    switching to my laptop. just a second.

  93. Grirish says:

    Not in.

  94. Grirish says:

    WOW clearly knee was down on replay.

  95. lep927 says:

    OK. so st. floyd’s indiscretion is a secret….

  96. LetsGoIrish says:

    Ok I am back. What did I miss UGH! Still liking our chances. Rees and interception when they left a guy wide open to do it. And Robinson throws a hail mary, no offense to Mary

  97. lep927 says:

    wood can run

  98. lep927 says:

    wanna know what Floyd did, plz. tia

  99. LetsGoIrish says:

    Knew this was coming….Just on the fly adjustments…let’s see how this team responds.

  100. LetsGoIrish says:

    Wood is looking awesome…man oh man.

  101. lep927 says:

    team responds. key. too many times ND just ran away with its tail between its legs…

  102. LetsGoIrish says:

    Michigan is really being aggressive this quarter…you would think that should play into Rees’ hand

  103. LetsGoIrish says:

    What is up with the flags

  104. LetsGoIrish says:

    All he is doing is to try to get the play in Brent….gotta go for this

  105. Grirish says:

    Need to get the plays in faster.

  106. LetsGoIrish says:

    I wonder if the adjustments are the reason it is taking so long

  107. lep927 says:

    Musberger does suck “he was stuffed” when it clearly was a first down.

  108. LetsGoIrish says:

    Yeah Brent is a skunkbear lover

  109. lep927 says:

    ok. last time does anyone know what Floyd did?

  110. lep927 says:

    in the offseason?

  111. LetsGoIrish says:

    I can’t get over how explosive Wood looks. He is night and day from last year.

  112. lep927 says:

    the only question I have ever had about Floyd is his durability.

  113. Grirish says:

    @lep927 dui

  114. LetsGoIrish says:

    Oh sure NOW Riddick makes a great play

  115. lep927 says:

    ok. here come the IRISH. seriously. this is not a top notch team. too many red zone miscues.

  116. Grirish says:

    Can’t throw into double man.

  117. Grirish says:

    Can’t throw into double man.

  118. LetsGoIrish says:

    Seriously and why at the goal line on 1st down

  119. LetsGoIrish says:

    Seriously and why at the goal line on 1st down

  120. LetsGoIrish says:

    Wow nice to see that Kelly learned how to speak in his camera voice

  121. Grirish says:

    @LetsGoIrish also jumped when throwing the ball, big no no!

  122. hamelot says:

    I like it that he had Rees come right back throwing.

  123. LetsGoIrish says:

    If Michigan throws a hail Mary which Mary are they hailing? Just a thought, cause I gotta believe if they got the wrong one it isn’t getting answered.

  124. Grirish says:

    Bubble screen

  125. LetsGoIrish says:

    Floyd is just money….it makes you wonder how good Golden and Jimmy could have been had they stayed.

  126. LetsGoIrish says:

    Yeah ON the field….we caught that Brent, Mr Subtle

  127. lep927 says:

    Jimmy’s has a roof. Tate may have improved. thx for answering about what Floyd did.

  128. hamelot says:

    I really don’t want to see Rees throwing too much more on the run

  129. LetsGoIrish says:

    I think the ghost of Bo Schembechler is running the play clock

  130. Grirish says:

    Mike had it if it was over thrown!

  131. lep927 says:

    even though Ruffer effed up last week, he is still the best ND has had in eons

  132. lep927 says:

    even though Ruffer effed up last week, he is still the best ND has had in eons

  133. LetsGoIrish says:

    Look at the difference in demenor on the sidelines. Dayne Crist just stepped in and said WTF coach chew his arse

  134. LetsGoIrish says:

    @lep927 agreed on Ruffer

  135. lep927 says:

    can we just shelve Crist? please. he really does not impress….

  136. Grirish says:

    Need to go after them, they can,t throw long.

  137. LetsGoIrish says:

    And …..and…let’s not forget that since we deferred the coin toss we get the ball to start the second half

  138. LetsGoIrish says:

    Nice half of football

  139. Grirish says:

    Got to love hearing “let’s go Irish” in the big house!

  140. LetsGoIrish says:

    Yeah if I could only afford to buy a few plants to yell “dot com” right after that cheer

  141. lep927 says:

    “And …..and…let’s not forget that since we deferred the coin toss we get the ball to start the second half”

    remember CW? never deferred shiite.

  142. LetsGoIrish says:

    Yeah Kelly didn’t defer last week either. Watching the half time show who the heck is tOSU’s coach? Where did they find him?

  143. LetsGoIrish says:

    They just said that MSU is in the top three of B1G schools which I guess I agree with.

  144. LetsGoIrish says:

    Auburn will be back in the top 25 this next week

  145. LetsGoIrish says:

    I don’t get to see Lou and Mark May…what did Lou have to say?

  146. lep927 says:

    seriously. a better team would be up by more. this is another mediocre season. that’s not negative. that is reaility.

  147. LetsGoIrish says:

    I agree that a better team would be up by more and that a worse team would be up by less

  148. Grirish says:

    Would like to see them pound it out on the ground this half.

  149. LetsGoIrish says:

    By the way my 7 year old son let me know that he will not be forgoing his senior year of college and just wants to make sure that he is recruited by good teams.

  150. LetsGoIrish says:

    I LOVE these huge holes…haven’t seen them since Grant/Jones

  151. Grirish says:

    @LetsGoIrish after last week I am happier than a pig in mud!

  152. LetsGoIrish says:

    There is your bubble screen GR

  153. Grirish says:

    He can run but can’t throw.

  154. hamelot says:

    I saw that “pig in mud” comment. I need another good, sustained ND drive winding up in the end zone to reach that state.

  155. LetsGoIrish says:

    Goodman for positive yards!

  156. hamelot says:

    Glad to see Gray break one. That has to feel good for him to do it in his backyard, especially after last week.

  157. Grirish says:

    DR better hope Teo doesn’t meet him in one of those holes.

  158. LetsGoIrish says:

    Holy Jonas Gray being fast. Nice explosiveness

  159. Grirish says:

    Crap don’t need that!

  160. LetsGoIrish says:

    DANG IT!!!!

  161. LetsGoIrish says:

    DANG IT!!!!

  162. LetsGoIrish says:

    8 TO in 7 quarters….come on!

  163. LetsGoIrish says:

    8 TO in 7 quarters….come on!

  164. hamelot says:

    Arrrggghhh! They gotta cut down on turnovers. Plus, create more on defense.

  165. LetsGoIrish says:

    And eventually you gotta think they are going to start completing those passes

  166. hamelot says:

    That’s more like it.

  167. hamelot says:

    Good. Cierre gets right back on the horse.

  168. LetsGoIrish says:

    Nice and good for Zeke!

  169. LetsGoIrish says:

    Ok so I am on quite a delay…if you are posting about Wood before I post the interception

  170. lep927 says:

    even I thin this team might be special if it can beat UM by 20+

  171. hamelot says:

    Jones! I didn’t know he was even in Ann Arbor.

  172. LetsGoIrish says:

    Wow that was interference…ok so I am BEHIND!

  173. lep927 says:

    beat Michigan. please. would have been nice last year, but I’ll take it this year.

  174. LetsGoIrish says:

    NICE!!!! TJ JONES!! Bet you didn’t even know he scored.

  175. lep927 says:

    who scored? Amish – I watch, but only half watch. it is for my own good. I still cheer, though.

  176. LetsGoIrish says:

    Ummm…I said TJ Jones.

  177. LetsGoIrish says:

    Brent SO wanted that long TD

  178. LetsGoIrish says:

    Brent SO wanted that long TD

  179. lep927 says:

    yes. you are a football guru.

  180. lep927 says:

    yes. you are a football guru.

  181. lep927 says:

    what is with the Brent hating?

  182. LetsGoIrish says:

    Hard to explain if you aren’t watching.

  183. lep927 says:

    oh. I be watching. you?

  184. lep927 says:

    that play was worthy of a TD end…

  185. LetsGoIrish says:

    Ok Brent

  186. lep927 says:

    oh my. game not over. and you need to learn how to appreciate great plays.

  187. lep927 says:

    so ND will beat UM. not bad.

  188. LetsGoIrish says:

    If somebody form tackles my wife I am not about to complement them on their fundamentals

  189. LetsGoIrish says:

    Are you flippin kidding me?

  190. LetsGoIrish says:

    What the heck was that?

  191. hamelot says:

    There has to be some kind of law of probability about fortuitous bounces on fumbles that comes into play here.

  192. lep927 says:

    “If somebody form tackles my wife I am not about to complement them on their fundamentals.” – kudos to you….

  193. lep927 says:

    and you meant “compliment” not “complement”

  194. LetsGoIrish says:

    Is Brent wearing the same throw back unis as the Michigan cheerleaders?

  195. LetsGoIrish says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing another run on 3rd down

  196. LetsGoIrish says:

    Man Ragone has just NEVER been healthy

  197. hamelot says:

    Time for D to really step up.

  198. LetsGoIrish says:

    I think this is the problem with going under center…you are telegraphing the run

  199. LetsGoIrish says:

    Brent don’t get too excited on that big sack

  200. LetsGoIrish says:

    You know Robinson manages to never take a big hit.

  201. counselor925 says:

    they lost there composure and hit cruise control when it went 24-7..need to wake back up.

  202. lep927 says:

    it is slipping away. ND will screw itself…

  203. counselor925 says:

    Didnt turn around until he was a yd out from running out the endzone..

  204. LetsGoIrish says:

    crap I just left for popcorn and this happens….no more leaving for food.

  205. LetsGoIrish says:

    no way that was a purposeful throw. He is throwing it up.

  206. lep927 says:

    9:00 will tell you if ND will suck forever, or actually do something good.

  207. LetsGoIrish says:

    Ok I am going to go get my popcorn…don’t allow any TOs while I am gone

  208. hamelot says:

    Huuuge! Great pass by Rees

  209. lep927 says:

    Rees is the real deal. anyone in attendance at the UM game last year knows this. Crist sucks.

  210. LetsGoIrish says:

    Sweet I guess we get the first down…I am still in the timeout

  211. lep927 says:

    anyone still hankering for Crist needs a labotomy

  212. hamelot says:

    You’re still in time out? What did you do?

  213. lep927 says:

    bad call all day long

  214. hamelot says:

    Borderline call on the interference, but we were due

  215. hamelot says:

    It doesn’t end!

  216. lep927 says:

    here we go. promise. you will NEVER hear from me again if ND blows this. seriously. ND is worse than the Cubs.

  217. LetsGoIrish says:

    It is about time…..yeah a couple of our receivers have been mugged tonight…I don’t feel bad for it being weak….he was face gaurding…the sun was in his eyes

  218. Grirish says:

    That was game.

  219. hamelot says:

    thank you, officials

  220. LetsGoIrish says:

    What the heck?????

  221. Grirish says:

    Need big stop

  222. LetsGoIrish says:

    A sack would be nice

  223. lep927 says:

    here is where it is nice not to be personally invested in this team.

  224. lep927 says:

    wow. surprisingly pleasant.

  225. LetsGoIrish says:

    Another flippin hail mary

  226. Grirish says:

    Need to move the ball and run the clock.

  227. LetsGoIrish says:

    NICE!!! BLANTON, my man

  228. LetsGoIrish says:

    Love that crowd shot

  229. hamelot says:

    Why do we even both running on third and short?

  230. LetsGoIrish says:

    Deion Walker makes the telecast congratulating Blanton

  231. Grirish says:

    Up the gut?

  232. LetsGoIrish says:

    I am just now on 3rd down…hoping for some play action

  233. lep927 says:

    taking bets. UM wins…

  234. LetsGoIrish says:

    That wasn’t play action

  235. LetsGoIrish says:

    Looking forward to this 30 yard punt

  236. Grirish says:

    @LetsGoIrish no no it wasn’t!

  237. hamelot says:

    Yeah, he finally sticks one and he outkicks the coverage. The gunners will probably looking for another 30 yard punt

  238. Grirish says:

    Got to stop them

  239. LetsGoIrish says:

    What the heck? I hate the prevent offense (running the clock) more than the prevent defense

  240. LetsGoIrish says:

    all territory is four down for them now

  241. Grirish says:

    Game over

  242. LetsGoIrish says:

    crappy spot

  243. LetsGoIrish says:

    aw man GR….they are bring

    ing out the sticks

  244. counselor925 says:


  245. LetsGoIrish says:

    Do I want to know what just happened?

  246. lep927 says:

    ND football is dead. told you so….

  247. LetsGoIrish says:

    It is like being in horror movie and having someone tell me Jason is behind the door

  248. Grirish says:

    Unless rocket comes on the field we are done.

  249. LetsGoIrish says:


  250. LetsGoIrish says:

    Lep shut up or I will ban you out

  251. LetsGoIrish says:

    Lep has left the building

  252. Grirish says:

    Bring it down baby

  253. LetsGoIrish says:

    This is what sucks about the college game….Pass interference is only 15 yards

  254. Grirish says:


  255. counselor925 says:


  256. Grirish says:

    Down up and good!!!!!

  257. Grirish says:

    Riddick baby!

  258. LetsGoIrish says:


  259. LetsGoIrish says:

    KJLdjlajfljadflkjlfjklakfjdjlallfajlfdkjlfjljLHELLL YEAH!!!!!

  260. LetsGoIrish says:

    What a game!

  261. hamelot says:

    These 30 seconds will feel like 30 years

  262. Grirish says:

    Hold em baby

  263. Grirish says:

    He can’t throw!

  264. counselor925 says:


  265. LetsGoIrish says:

    Hell put Michael Floyd back at safety…it is all going to be jump balls

  266. Grirish says:

    Grey needs to go

  267. Grirish says:

    Grey needs to go

  268. Grirish says:

    Grey needs to go

  269. hamelot says:

    Who wrote the script for this season? Stephen King?

  270. LetsGoIrish says:

    Are you effing kidding me? Seriously. How many times can I die inside?

  271. Grirish says:

    @hamelot weis did

  272. Grirish says:

    @hamelot weis did

  273. LetsGoIrish says:

    Both of those big plays on Gray. Feel for the kid but holy crap

  274. LetsGoIrish says:

    Obviously it was a touchdown but where was the interference?

  275. Grirish says:

    Kelly is going to be on the hot seat by year end.

  276. LetsGoIrish says:

    Well that kickoff was effing fitting

  277. Grirish says:

    just watch highlights and Gray Fed up 3 times which were for TDs.

  278. Grirish says:

    Well you can’t start winning until you stop…… (puke noise). Don’t want to hear the same old crap out of Kelly!

  279. hamelot says:

    I’ve never seen a team that refuses to win games like this one. They’ll do whatever it takes to lose. How do you give up 28 4th quarter points to Michigan? Brutal, absolutely brutal.

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