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Notre Dame Football Gameday – Pittsburgh 9/24/2011 – Open thread

Sep 24, 2011 /

It’s gameday Irish fans. Make sure you leave a comment during the day with your score predictions, a limerick, keys to the game or just a Go Irish! Check back in during the game for live game chat with other Irish fans giving their own play-by-play reactions. Below are our keys to the game and a gameday limerick to enjoy.

Keys to the Game – How to tell how the day will go

Today’s game vs. Pitt is a game that the Irish should run away with. If we are who we said we were then the dominance needs to start today. Pitt won’t be a push over but today isn’t about Pitt it is about Notre Dame. So here are our things to watch for in the game that will indicate how things are going.

The Good

  • Big plays – The Irish have the talent advantage. It should show in this game
  • New plays. If you see new wrinkles in the offense in this game it is a good sign that Kelly feels comfortable
  • Another QB package for a 1/2 a series. See the reason above and the fact that the Irish have invested the time in a package in practice – why not use it?

The Bad

  • You can tell me who Pitt’s best player is by halftime.
  • Pitt has all kinds of time to throw the ball. If ND can create a pass rush it will all fall down from there for Pittsburgh
  • Multiple TOs from the offense. Don’t want to force coach’s hand again

Gameday Limerick

Game day limerick time:

“Wake up! it’s time for Pitt,
to be on the bad end of some…stuff.
The Irish freight train is coming,
Rees, Wood, and Floyd’s cylinders humming,
and the defense will have Pitt on a spit.”

Gameday thread

That is below and how good it is up to you! Let’s Go Irish!!

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172 responses to “Notre Dame Football Gameday – Pittsburgh 9/24/2011 – Open thread”

  1. LetsGoIrish says:

    Comments are working this week!!

  2. tlud says:

    Go IRISH!!!!!!!!

  3. LetsGoIrish says:

    avatar up Tlud!

  4. CT says:

    I’ll be watching the game in real time at a bar with wireless so …. I should be able to pop in.

    Did someone remember to schedule a wake-up call for OC? Don’t want her to miss the first half.

  5. CT says:

    Amish – unless Kelly is determined to preserve Golson’s eligibility – he could be effective against the defense this Pitt coach likes to run. His defenses are designed to disrupt the play that was called and cause confusion, though by doing so he can leave himself open to big plays. Crist’s best play last year against Tulsa was a 25 yard scamper. Such defenses are best against immobile QBs. They’re happy to leave a hole in the defense, so long as you are forced to do something other than the play that was called. Kelly needs to take what they give him, and with Rees in the game, this might mean going vertical against single man coverage sooner than usual.

    • CT says:

      btw – the Golson comment is in response to your point about an alternative QB package for half a series. : – )

      • LetsGoIrish says:

        @CT You know I like Golson but would like to preserve a year of eligibility. I would prefer to see Hendrix for that reason but if we were 3-0 instead of 1-2 I would probably think differently

  6. MichaelWright says:

    I thought I went the way of Lep after last week!

  7. Marilyn J Chartier says:

    GO IRISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. LetsGoIrish says:

    Ok that is a good sign for today!! Watch a catch

  9. LetsGoIrish says:

    Ok who sold Pitt ND’s first 5 plays script?

  10. LetsGoIrish says:

    Pitt came to play ladies and gents

  11. LetsGoIrish says:

    NICE! A HUGE momentum loss for Pitt

  12. LetsGoIrish says:

    That was a weak ruffing call but we will take it

  13. LetsGoIrish says:

    NIce run. This is not the fast start I was expecting but hopefully this will wake them up and focus them to play

  14. LetsGoIrish says:

    3rd and 1 here…would love to see play-action

  15. LetsGoIrish says:

    eating ribs so I can’t type a bunch right now….almost 2 picks from Rees. He HAS to learn to manage the ball better.

  16. LetsGoIrish says:

    Is it just me or does anyone else feel like ND is playing like you thought Pitt would and vice versa?

  17. LetsGoIrish says:

    DL has been huge for us this year

  18. LetsGoIrish says:

    nice series

  19. LetsGoIrish says:

    I don’t mind Urban…he speaks when he has something to say

  20. LetsGoIrish says:

    Pitt 3 ND 0

  21. LetsGoIrish says:

    nice….need to run the ball to take off the pressure

  22. LetsGoIrish says:

    Not sure how we can’t have a guy that can return a punt for positive yardage…ever

  23. LetsGoIrish says:

    JONAS GRAY!!! Out of NOWHERE!!! 7-3 Irish

  24. LetsGoIrish says:

    Nice play by Flemming.

  25. notredame_dame says:

    7-6 Now is our time ND!

  26. LetsGoIrish says:

    Gotta find Effiert and Riddick

  27. LetsGoIrish says:

    I was expecting this movement early. I guess we can take some concession in the fact that Pitt hasn’t allow a score before this game in the first quarter

  28. notredame_dame says:


  29. notredame_dame says:

    I mean 3 winners to be NC

  30. LetsGoIrish says:

    Ouch….and double ouch

  31. notredame_dame says:

    Pitt is better than I thought they would be

  32. notredame_dame says:

    They are talking about taking Rees out. Does anyone think that is going to happen?

    • LetsGoIrish says:

      @notredame_dame I think that Kelly will only do it if his hand is absolutely forced. Tommy has given up his two turnovers a game already so we should be good. 😉 I think he should make the move, but that might be why I have a blog and not employed as a head coach

  33. domer_82 says:

    ND better get it in gear

  34. domer_82 says:

    ND better get it in gear

  35. LetsGoIrish says:

    They just seem off…didn’t expect this today at all.

  36. LetsGoIrish says:

    They just seem off…didn’t expect this today at all.

  37. domer_82 says:

    You gotta stay with Rees right now.

  38. notredame_dame says:


  39. OC Irish says:

    OMG! His legs DO work!

  40. LetsGoIrish says:

    That is a very tight space to complete that pass

  41. LetsGoIrish says:

    Now if we could just get his arm working. 😉

  42. LetsGoIrish says:

    I DO like that he is throwing it away more today than just trying to force it in…but there is no flow to this offense…and this is PITT

  43. domer_82 says:

    Running it to the has for the FG. Now kick the thing!

  44. LetsGoIrish says:

    Well at least the snapper isn’t on full scholarship. *arrow through the head*

  45. notredame_dame says:

    Catch you guys in the second half. Thanks for the open thread….it has made the game easier to watch than yelling at the screen by myself

  46. tlud says:

    Well, my son looked at me and said, “that is the worst half of football ND has played this year.” I agree! Missed tackles (C4, Smith and Motta), Gray still not looking back for the interception, and Tommy not being able to see anything beyond his primary receiver. Not good!

  47. tlud says:

    Oh yeah, Go IRISH!!!!!!

  48. LetsGoIrish says:

    Yeah I am with you. I thought Gray had good coverage on that play though.

  49. OC Irish says:

    I’m so sick of feeling sick every Saturday.

  50. LetsGoIrish says:

    Effiert should have came back to the ball on that pick.

  51. domer_82 says:

    Let’s hope for a better second half

  52. notredame_dame says:

    I’m back. I do like that he have a kicker that can actually put the ball in the endzone!

  53. LetsGoIrish says:

    Fleming is having a good game.

  54. LetsGoIrish says:

    3rd and 21 and they run…a good indication on how the secondary and DL are playing

  55. domer_82 says:

    crap. Stupid automatic first down… football gets three things wrong….pass interfering always being 15 yards instead of a spot foul, not having a 5 yard face mask and THAT being called roughing instead of running into the kicker

  56. domer_82 says:

    Lynch is in there

  57. LetsGoIrish says:

    Yeah I guess he wanted everyone to know. 😉

  58. domer_82 says:

    That is 3 coverage sacks this half

  59. notredame_dame says:

    If I close my eyes will that keep them from scoring?

  60. OC Irish says:

    Implosion alert.

  61. LetsGoIrish says:

    @OC Irish What are you thoughts on a new QB?

  62. OC Irish says:

    I’m open to at least trying different packages – surely they’ve been practiced.

  63. domer_82 says:

    I think you have to stay with Rees. If you bring in another QB you risk running into WTF territory ….but if Rees throws anther pick we may be there any way.

  64. LetsGoIrish says:

    The QB sneak was one of Charlie’s best plays

  65. LetsGoIrish says:

    Gotta be kidding me. Was that Teo and Louis Nix in coverage.

  66. LetsGoIrish says:

    Ty Willingham just saw that 2-pt conversion and said out loud “Huh, never thought about running a play out of that formation.”

  67. OC Irish says:

    Someone explain to me how that’s roughing when the kicker fell on top of our guy. I don’t think our guy every touched him.

  68. domer_82 says:

    Yeah that is what I said OC. No way that should haven’t been a running into the kicker call.

  69. LetsGoIrish says:

    painful graphic Rees responsible for 9 turnovers

  70. domer_82 says:

    might as well learn to live with it. I think Kelly will only pull Rees when he is ready to do it for good.

  71. LetsGoIrish says:

    This game is painful

  72. LetsGoIrish says:

    Soap Opera writers could learn a lot from watching ND football

  73. LetsGoIrish says:

    The secondary has been awesome today. Gray haters should recognize

  74. OC Irish says:

    They’re canceling all the soaps. I’m close to checking out here.

  75. LetsGoIrish says:

    That one is on Motta.

  76. OC Irish says:

    Thanks for the gift.

  77. domer_82 says:

    If we lose this game Kelly is going to have some SERIOUS explaining to do.

  78. LetsGoIrish says:

    NICE!!! Ok here we go.

  79. LetsGoIrish says:

    He just said Crist.

  80. LetsGoIrish says:

    If I was the punter I would make sure to never punt it out of bounds against ND

  81. LetsGoIrish says:


  82. notredame_dame says:

    My eyes are still closed

  83. domer_82 says:

    YEah like I said we are going to win or lose with Rees this week.

  84. LetsGoIrish says:

    Why didn’t he dump it to Effiert?

  85. LetsGoIrish says:

    Ok now I am not looking

  86. LetsGoIrish says:

    TJ’s look says it all.

  87. LetsGoIrish says:

    TJ’s look says it all.

  88. notredame_dame says:

    How can Michael Floyd disappear?

  89. OC Irish says:


  90. LetsGoIrish says:

    OK need some momentum. DBs have been solid….Pitt QB forces it and we get an INT.

  91. LetsGoIrish says:

    They won’t reverse this.

  92. LetsGoIrish says:

    generous spot there

  93. LetsGoIrish says:

    Praise be!! A punt. Now let’s pray they kick it out of bounds

  94. LetsGoIrish says:

    If Rees doesn’t do it here I bring Crist for the last possession. A TOMA sighting!!!

  95. LetsGoIrish says:

    I am sorry but it is sad that you can’t get the ball in Floyd’s hands…that should have been what you worked on all summer. Did you not believe people would double him?

  96. notredame_dame says:

    I am too young for heart problems caused by ND football

  97. LetsGoIrish says:

    I have an idea…throw the ball to Floyd.

  98. LetsGoIrish says:

    Or just do that

  99. LetsGoIrish says:

    I don’t understand how we can’t move Floyd around in the slot, with some motion to try to break the coverage in our advantage. Good catch by Effiert.

  100. LetsGoIrish says:

    I don’t understand how we can’t move Floyd around in the slot, with some motion to try to break the coverage in our advantage. Good catch by Effiert.

  101. LetsGoIrish says:

    Exactly ….get Floyd in the game.

  102. LetsGoIrish says:

    Exactly ….get Floyd in the game.

  103. notredame_dame says:

    TD IRISH!!

  104. domer_82 says:

    please don’t throw a fade. Hate the fade here.

  105. LetsGoIrish says:

    Reese saves his job for another week on that drive, for better or for worse

  106. OC Irish says:

    It’s on you, D

  107. OC Irish says:

    It’s on you, D

  108. LetsGoIrish says:

    Lets see #19 in there.

  109. LetsGoIrish says:

    Jackson may not be a great starter but he is a heck of a special teams player

  110. LetsGoIrish says:

    Our DL is $$$

  111. notredame_dame says:

    I would rather see Pitt run the clock a bit so I don’t have to see us go into prevent offense

  112. LetsGoIrish says:

    Exactly …make a play!

  113. LetsGoIrish says:

    Would still like to see the pass rush in there

  114. LetsGoIrish says:

    Thank you coach

  115. LetsGoIrish says:

    jail break

  116. LetsGoIrish says:

    Keep Lynch in the game!!

  117. domer_82 says:

    Agreed you got to keep Lynch in there

  118. domer_82 says:

    NO WAY…how was he not in the grasp??

  119. domer_82 says:

    coverage has been good all day. put your pass rushers in there and rush them. Let the LB drop in coverage

  120. LetsGoIrish says:

    Knee down….liking the idea of 4th and 25…they may punt

  121. LetsGoIrish says:

    even with 1 time out they have to punt

  122. LetsGoIrish says:

    @OC Irish are you still with us?

  123. OC Irish says:

    Yes…heart palpitations and all

  124. LetsGoIrish says:

    Tuitt is in at Nose

  125. LetsGoIrish says:


  126. notredame_dame says:

    Love it! Nice play Carlo

  127. LetsGoIrish says:

    Run the ball please

  128. LetsGoIrish says:

    Run the ball please

  129. OC Irish says:

    Answered prayers

  130. OC Irish says:

    Kudos to whoever decided to challenge

  131. LetsGoIrish says:

    If the Purdue game goes like this I might have to swear

  132. LetsGoIrish says:

    Pitt is going to get the football back but I am not feeling that same doom as I did with Michigan

  133. LetsGoIrish says:

    I think they should go for it here.

  134. LetsGoIrish says:

    I think they should go for it here.

  135. OC Irish says:

    They just can’t finish. For cripes sake

  136. LetsGoIrish says:

    With a punt you gain what exactly? Let the clock run to 1 and then get the first down and go home.

  137. LetsGoIrish says:

    Even if they don’t make it, I like our chances. Urban if we put we will most certainly kick it in the endzone.

  138. LetsGoIrish says:

    I am behind Kelly on this one

  139. domer_82 says:

    I kick it.

  140. domer_82 says:

    I still would have kicked it…make them drive the field.

  141. LetsGoIrish says:

    For ND fans that is called the victory formation

  142. LetsGoIrish says:

    A win is a win is a win!

  143. LetsGoIrish says:

    A win is a win is a win!

  144. notredame_dame says:

    Whew! Go Irish!

  145. notredame_dame says:

    Whew! Go Irish!

  146. OC Irish says:


  147. LetsGoIrish says:

    Kelly LOVES Rees…maybe to our detriment.

  148. LetsGoIrish says:

    Kelly LOVES Rees…maybe to our detriment.

  149. LetsGoIrish says:

    “He showed why he is our starting QB” Yeah coach for 1 drive against a crappy Pittsburgh team….stay positive….stay positive…

  150. LetsGoIrish says:

    “He showed why he is our starting QB” Yeah coach for 1 drive against a crappy Pittsburgh team….stay positive….stay positive…

  151. domer_82 says:

    Thanks for the open thread. Go Irish!

  152. OC Irish says:

    I think he has to say that stuff though – he just doesn’t have his guy ready yet.

  153. LetsGoIrish says:

    I am not convinced in any way the Rees is the guy now or in the future.

  154. tlud says:

    I am not sure it is about Kelly’s “love” for Rees. I just really don’t believe that Crist gives us anything additional. Thankfully on the final drive he was a least hitting second and third options. Where was that earlier. Plus the final two passes on the TD drive were both borderline. The difference was his quick delivery and decisiveness. I am still very disappointed in the missed tackles AND Gray not looking for the pick. GO IRISH!!!!

  155. CT says:

    The wireless at the Bar was out of commission.

    That was as ugly a ND victory as I think I have ever seen.

    I don’t think you pull Rees with his history of come from behind drives where you are within one score. It’s kinda like not pulling some pitchers who get themselves into a jam with base runners, but who have a history of getting out of their own jams.

    I think the big difference with pulling Crist is that we were down by 16 and he had not scored yet.

    That said – I would tee up Golson for some action against Purdue and see how he does.

    The main advantage that Rees seems to have over Crist is his management of the run game. He is also more decisive with his throws – as Tlud mentions, but at this point that may be offset by TOs. I think they are probably a coin flip. Golson had the potential to destroy that Pitt defense – obliterate it. The big worry with a freshman like that is probably TOs, but how can the TO situation possibly get any worse?

  156. OC Irish says:

    Urban Meyer won a NC using different QBs for different situations (Tebow a freshman at the time). I just can’t believe we don’t have packages with Hendrix or Golson ready to go at this point.

    • CT says:

      @OC Irish

      My guess is that running game has been very good, which was Tebow’s primary purpose. Also, unfortunately I think the schemes are so different, and you are not only assessing the experience at the QB, but also with the experience that all the frontline players have with the Rees/Crist scheme vs. what I imagine would be Golson/Hendrix.

      Also, Kelly would be essentially handing control of the offense over to Golson. It would not be about play calling with him – it would be about his skills and ability to make plays. He’s simply not going to do that in a tight game. I think it will be a combination of seeing Golson in action against a weaker team and gaining confidence in him, followed by a situation where Rees is not getting it done and you switch out to Golson without feeling like you are putting the game at risk.

  157. tlud says:

    We need it, badly!

  158. OC Irish says:

    On the interception to Eifert, I know they said Rees was late with the throw, but it seemed Eifert just stood there. Was it simply an excellent defensive play? Was it all on Tommy or should Eifert have seen the corner coming? Regardless, Eifert had a great game.

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