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Notre Dame Football Gameday – South Florida 9/3/2011

Sep 03, 2011 /

It is Gameday guys and girls!  We are hoping to fill the void left by Blue-Gray Sky going away by proving the Irish faithful a place for a gameday thread.  So I want to give you a few quick keys to the game, a limerick, and the rest will be provided by you.

Keys to the Game – How to tell how the day will go

This being the first game, it will help to set the tone for the entire season.  Below are some things to look for to help judge how the Irish will fair today and what may turn out to be good signs for the rest of the season.

The Good

  • The Irish to come out at the start of the game like a runaway freight train.
  • South Florida looking average to slow-of-foot (South Florida is a fast team and if can make them seem average it is a good sign the Irish are dictating the pace of the game)
  • Big holes in the run game
  • The defensive puts pressure on the QB

The Bad

  • Short drives on offense (more than one three and out in the first half will spell bad news)
  • A disproportionate amount of passes vs. runs
  • The inability to contain the Bulls

Gameday Limerick

Florida Bulls, Fighting Irish – it’s here
Kelly’s lads are locked in high gear
Dayne Crist leads the O
The D captained by Te’o
Irish fans filled with excitement…and beer

Gameday thread

That is below and that is up to you! Let’s Go Irish!!

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39 responses to “Notre Dame Football Gameday – South Florida 9/3/2011”

  1. LetsGoIrish says:

    Looking forward to this game! The campus has been buzzing all week. My player to watch today is maybe an obvious one but it is Michael Floyd.

    Go Irish!

  2. LetsGoIrish says:

    I know a lot of people are stopping in before the game. Feel free to leave your “Player to watch” player’s name

  3. JosephCarman says:

    Cierre Wood

  4. CT says:

    I would look for big games from the home run guys like Riddick and Floyd.

  5. LetsGoIrish says:

    @CT I would love to see Riddick go off today. Last year everyone was drooling over what we heard in practice. Would LOVE to see that play out on the field. jim masterson What do you think Jim?

  6. CT says:

    @LetsGoIrishjim masterson

    Did not notice that you already mentioned FLoyd below. I think Holtz will make stopping the running game a high priority – like his hold man. And this will open up the home run plays to Floyd and Riddick. Again – I think the Nevada season opener may be the template for this game.

  7. JohnRockwell says:

    Cierre Wood.

  8. OC Irish says:

    Theo Riddick and, hey, why not – Eifert. Go Irish!

  9. LetsGoIrish says:

    Was at the game. Watching the second half from home. Reese is in the game and I question Kelly, not for putting Reese in, that is his prerogative, but for how he handles himself on the sideline.

  10. LetsGoIrish says:

    Second half so far so good no fatalities yet

  11. LetsGoIrish says:

    Nice. First down Irish

  12. LetsGoIrish says:

    Yeah baby…why weren’t we getting Floyd the ball in the first half?

  13. LetsGoIrish says:

    Yeah baby…why weren’t we getting Floyd the ball in the first half?

  14. LetsGoIrish says:

    D is holding strong…back to the grind boys

  15. LetsGoIrish says:

    NICE!! Here we go

  16. LetsGoIrish says:

    Rees is the better QB right now

  17. LetsGoIrish says:

    Here come the Irish. I bet it is bananas in the stadium right now

  18. LetsGoIrish says:

    Still an eternity of time left in this game.

  19. LetsGoIrish says:

    I LOVE how Blanton plays…the most under used DB for the last three years IMO

  20. LetsGoIrish says:

    Wow night and day difference.

  21. LetsGoIrish says:

    Rees’s pre-snap reads are solid

  22. LetsGoIrish says:

    Throw it here and then kick it if you don’t make it

  23. LetsGoIrish says:

    Wow. Amazing. Talking about making it easy. South Florida couldn’t ask for more breaks.

  24. LetsGoIrish says:

    I give it a 50-50 chance from here. By the way, it looks like there is more rain coming

  25. LetsGoIrish says:

    Keep your heads lads…just keep your head. Still a lot of time left.

  26. LetsGoIrish says:

    Tremendous play by Fleming knocking that down.

  27. LetsGoIrish says:

    Seems like a blown coverage there, too many guys in the same area.

  28. LetsGoIrish says:

    Not good. USF Is no joke

  29. LetsGoIrish says:

    No matter what happens here it remains a two possession game.

  30. LetsGoIrish says:

    Though a field goal would be much preferred.

  31. LetsGoIrish says:

    Big conversion there.

  32. LetsGoIrish says:

    Doing this open thread, now I know what God felt like before he created man

  33. LetsGoIrish says:

    Floyd is in beast mode right now

  34. LetsGoIrish says:

    I don’t like that play call even if he does catch that

  35. LetsGoIrish says:

    Tommy Rees is a testament to not knowing which recruit is going to pan out.

  36. LetsGoIrish says:

    Game over. Not sure I could have scripted a worse game.

  37. Grirish says:

    Wow, that had to be the worst game I have seen. Nothing was going the Irish’s way today. Let hope these guys get their heads out of their rears and beat the snot out of Michigan.

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