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Notre Dame Football Gameday – Stanford 11/26/2011 – Open thread

Nov 26, 2011 /

Gameday thread

Our Irish Blog Gathering post is up if you need some warm-up.

Notre Dame Football vs. Stanford

Today’s gameday limerick:

It’s Christmas, let’s cut down a TREE,
for the Irish and their family.
The lads aren’t scared of Luck;
couldn’t beat the Oregon Duck,
and now he hears the banshee.

Feel free to leave your pre-game, live during game, post-game comments below. Let’s Go Irish!!

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11 responses to “Notre Dame Football Gameday – Stanford 11/26/2011 – Open thread”

  1. LetsGoIrish says:

    Checking in. Let’s hope we have a good one tonight

  2. LetsGoIrish says:

    Here we go

  3. LetsGoIrish says:

    You are looking live

  4. LetsGoIrish says:

    Sweet!!! but it looks like it is coming back

  5. Garcelon says:

    Our CB’s are out of position every time the ball goes up in the air…

  6. LetsGoIrish says:

    Yeah I don’t know what is up with Blanton tonight

  7. LetsGoIrish says:

    More man coverage on the outside to free up the blitzers?

  8. LetsGoIrish says:

    Collinsworth seeing some time on D

  9. LetsGoIrish says:

    Wow….just wow….21-0 at half.

  10. Garcelon says:

    our offense has been regressing since the michigan game… the defensive philosophy of bend-dont-break has caught up to us. We can’t hang with these more physical teams.

  11. LetsGoIrish says:

    21-7…..Hendrix leads them to 7

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