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Notre Dame Football Gameday – Wake Forest 11/5/2011 – Open thread

Nov 05, 2011 /

Gameday thread

Notre Dame Football vs. Wake Forest

Make sure to comment below. Let’s Go Irish!!

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129 responses to “Notre Dame Football Gameday – Wake Forest 11/5/2011 – Open thread”

  1. notredame_dame says:


  2. LetsGoIrish says:

    Testing 1-2-3

  3. LetsGoIrish says:

    Roll call….sound off everyone

  4. LetsGoIrish says:

    Just a callout to facebook

  5. jimmasterson says:

    I’m pumped and primed, locked and loaded.
    Don’t forget to set the clocks back.

  6. LetsGoIrish says:

    Will be back at game time. Make sure to keep sounding off. You do have to register or log in with a facebook or twitter account, but it is all pretty easy.

    While you are waiting here is today’s game day limerick:
    The lads are in Carolina.
    The weather couldn’t be any fine-a.
    Keep the momentum rolling,
    in their endzone we’re strolling
    if we lose I’m moving to China.

  7. AlDiPaola says:

    Im here

  8. AlDiPaola says:


  9. LetsGoIrish says:

    I am back too! Looks like we have ABC’s Crew #32 on tonight

  10. LetsGoIrish says:

    I am with you Al. I would like to see us use the run to set up the pass like we did at the end of the season last year.

  11. AlDiPaola says:


  12. AlDiPaola says:

    And when we do pass spread it around not to Mike all night

  13. LetsGoIrish says:

    Is it just me or is Andrew Luck a very good quarterback who doesn’t quite live up to the “best QB since Elway” billing. Actually I should reserve my comment until after the Stanford game.

  14. AlDiPaola says:

    He is a very good qb

  15. LetsGoIrish says:

    I think TR always gives Floyd an eye….as he probably should. But I agree, make the other receivers weapons so they can’t just blanket Floyd.

  16. AlDiPaola says:


  17. LetsGoIrish says:

    Our kickoff teams have been good this year..that was a better than average return

  18. AlDiPaola says:

    sure was

  19. AlDiPaola says:

    nice hole for him

  20. LetsGoIrish says:

    I don’t know very much about Wake Forest other than Brian Piccolo went there.

  21. LetsGoIrish says:

    Still no Ethan Johnson.

  22. AlDiPaola says:

    That hurts

  23. LetsGoIrish says:

    You gotta believe this game is HUGE for wake….see Tulsa last year.

  24. AlDiPaola says:

    Its huge for both!!!

  25. LetsGoIrish says:

    LSU Bama still 0-0

  26. LetsGoIrish says:

    I wish I had a two TV set up

  27. AlDiPaola says:

    whats up with the d

  28. LetsGoIrish says:

    Wake is scheming us well….our DL is good when they can predict the run or pass. Wake has them really off balance.

  29. AlDiPaola says:

    here u go ND 1
    N michigan 0
    hockey after 1

  30. LetsGoIrish says:


  31. LetsGoIrish says:

    Didn’t expect that…Kelly probably didn’t either since he deferred.

  32. AlDiPaola says:


  33. AlDiPaola says:

    Either did I

  34. AlDiPaola says:

    Ok that helps

  35. notredame_dame says:

    Ok I thought this game was supposed to be in the “soft” part of our schedule?!

  36. AlDiPaola says:

    this is a good team ND dame

  37. LetsGoIrish says:

    big play there

  38. LetsGoIrish says:

    I had never seen that three back formation before…heck we don’t see two back formations

  39. AlDiPaola says:

    boy they just got lucky

  40. LetsGoIrish says:

    Would like to see something vertical here early to keep the defense honest

  41. domer_82 says:

    double coverage even on a reverse pass

  42. AlDiPaola says:

    he had a guy wide open underneath

  43. LetsGoIrish says:

    Rees has had good protection all year…man I wish he could turn and run for a first down with some of those

  44. AlDiPaola says:

    he should have

  45. notredame_dame says:

    Ok so now let’s stop them

  46. LetsGoIrish says:

    Ok not that that KR didn’t really suck but you can really see that our team speed has improved.

  47. notredame_dame says:

    I am going to stop posting….only bad things happen when I do

  48. AlDiPaola says:

    Thats not true just bad play

  49. LetsGoIrish says:

    Wake schemed ND well but let’s see how they handle the adjustment. LSU 0 Bama 0

  50. LetsGoIrish says:

    Nice..they must have had eight guys on Floyd

  51. notredame_dame says:

    Ok that’s better

  52. AlDiPaola says:

    Thank God

  53. LetsGoIrish says:

    Got lucky there…looks like that would have gone out of bounds.

  54. LetsGoIrish says:

    We are going to miss Blanton and Smith big time next year

  55. LetsGoIrish says:

    Looks like Kelly is committed to establishing the run tonight.

  56. MichaelWright says:

    D is looking a little slow tonight.

  57. LetsGoIrish says:

    Look who’s talking

  58. LetsGoIrish says:

    I think Wake is doing a good job mixing things up….Let’s hope that defensive coverage slip up for the TD becomes a habit

  59. MichaelWright says:

    Don’t know how long I’m going to last, feeling under the weather.

  60. LetsGoIrish says:

    You gotta post through the pain

  61. LetsGoIrish says:

    Loving the run……now to the play action

  62. MichaelWright says:

    My man Wood!

  63. LetsGoIrish says:

    Loving the vertical routes…even if they go incomplete

  64. MichaelWright says:

    Had two guys crossing the center open on that last throw. Both cutting on the 30 mark.

  65. LetsGoIrish says:

    That always hurts…you cover the QB gets the first down with his legs

  66. MichaelWright says:

    Nice hit

  67. LetsGoIrish says:

    Just think if we would have redshirted Clausen he could still be playing for us…he was in the same recruiting class as Gray

  68. LetsGoIrish says:

    Tate too for that matter

  69. notredame_dame says:

    I was hoping this game would be in the bag by halftime so I could sleep

  70. MichaelWright says:

    I’ll take Tate. I don’t think we need another Qb, well you fill in the blank.

  71. MichaelWright says:

    I hear ya dame!

  72. LetsGoIrish says:

    I don’t want to fill in that blank! I didn’t expect Wake to be this good

  73. LetsGoIrish says:

    I would take Clausen in a nano second on this team by the way…with Floyd

  74. MichaelWright says:

    Our d line sure is taking a beating this year.

  75. LetsGoIrish says:

    you aren’t kidding. A Filer sighting…..I think Filer will actually do well. Where the HECK is Prince Shembo…ever

  76. MichaelWright says:

    We better get the run going to keep the d off the field. That front line is not going to hold.

  77. notredame_dame says:

    UGH! Why is every game a new drama?

  78. domer_82 says:

    I agree Michael

  79. sterlingjames says:

    ND defense will be on the field shortly

  80. LetsGoIrish says:

    welcome sterling. You mean off the field? Kelly looks like a deer in the headlights….let’s put in Diaco

  81. sterlingjames says:

    It’s going to be one of those bourbon nights. Hopefully ND can make it competitive–embarrassing.

  82. LetsGoIrish says:

    Just keep the pain pills away…..we are losing at half time to Wake Forest

  83. MichaelWright says:

    Not good, this game has a bad smell about it.

  84. sterlingjames says:

    How many turnovers does that make? Is the goal to stay at 120/120?

  85. LetsGoIrish says:

    ok second half…..Sterling my dr. doesn’t let me comment on the QB situation anymore

  86. LetsGoIrish says:

    Gray is money in the bank!!

  87. notredame_dame says:

    Oh thank heaven! TD IRISH!

  88. MichaelWright says:


  89. MichaelWright says:

    Now he’s in!

  90. LetsGoIrish says:


  91. notredame_dame says:

    Again I stopped posting

  92. MichaelWright says:

    D needs to step up now!

  93. sterlingjames says:

    Let’s capitalize.

  94. MichaelWright says:


  95. sterlingjames says:

    Reminder. Daylight savings time is on Sunday (tomorrow).

  96. LetsGoIrish says:

    Oh yeah good call…..fall back

  97. LetsGoIrish says:

    We need to run, run, run

  98. LetsGoIrish says:

    Golic is playing well

  99. MichaelWright says:

    There you go!

  100. LetsGoIrish says:

    Very nice play

  101. sterlingjames says:

    C’mon D, force a 3 and out again.

  102. LetsGoIrish says:

    I like how Kelly is calling MANY more vertical and longer routes tonight

  103. LetsGoIrish says:

    Bennett Jackson and Austin Collinsworth make every special teams tackle

  104. LetsGoIrish says:

    I am fading btw…if I go silent make sure to carry on

  105. sterlingjames says:

    Let’s capitalize.

  106. LetsGoIrish says:

    Okay this is how I expected the game to go

  107. MichaelWright says:

    Nyquil is kicking in!

  108. sterlingjames says:

    Nobody say anything. No need to jinx the offense. Quiet please. This means you Nyquil boy.

  109. MichaelWright says:

    I’m out sorry guys.

  110. sterlingjames says:

    that’s 2 turnovers. One more and that spells a loss.

  111. sterlingjames says:

    -1 sweet!

  112. sterlingjames says:

    -1 sweet!

  113. LetsGoIrish says:

    Good to see more vertical passing tonight

  114. sterlingjames says:

    Makes up for the ridiculous late hit call.

  115. LetsGoIrish says:


  116. LetsGoIrish says:

    What was Rees looking at? Goodman had two guys all over him

  117. sterlingjames says:

    Poor tackling.

  118. sterlingjames says:

    Tanner Price is a soph like TRees. Imagine what he could with ND’s talent?

  119. sterlingjames says:

    The refs suck. The clock went to zero and no call?

  120. LetsGoIrish says:

    yeah I like Price

  121. LetsGoIrish says:

    I don’t try to understand our QB situation anymore

  122. sterlingjames says:

    ND needs a 14 minute scoring drive.

  123. LetsGoIrish says:

    or Wake to forfeit so we can all watch the end of the LSU Bama game

  124. sterlingjames says:

    Terrible performance and crappy play calling.

  125. sterlingjames says:

    LSU 6 AL 6. Wouldn’t it be cool to see 3 overtimes and the game settled by a safety.

  126. LetsGoIrish says:

    that would be pretty cool

  127. sterlingjames says:

    What’s going on with Manti?

  128. sterlingjames says:

    Oh I think Teo’s hurt. Time to go for the jugular. Let’s go ND!

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