Blue and Gold – Floyd Satisfied With Plea Agreement

Michael Floyd was in a St. Joseph County Traffic and Misdemeanor Court on Wednesday as the senior wide receiver works to close the book on his personal woes that have stemmed from his arrest Mar. 20 for driving under the influence on Notre Dame’s campus.

Floyd took a major step toward reinstatement Wednesday when he resolved his legal issues stemming from his Mar. 20 arrest for driving under the influence.

According to a report by the South Bend Tribune, Magistrate Brian Steinke ordered that Floyd be placed on administrative probation for one year, effective immediately. In addition to court costs, Floyd’s driver’s license will be also suspended for 90 days, and he will be required to use an ignition interlock device in his car for six months thereafter. (Note: if the device detects alcohol on Floyd’s breath, the car will not start, and it will be considered a violation of his probation). Floyd must also attend a Victim Impact Panel, where he will join other drunk-driving offenders for a presentation by family members of people killed in drunken driving accidents.

The state also agreed to dismiss a ticket for disregarding a campus stop sign on the night of his arrest.

“Michael wasn’t treated any differently than anybody else,” said William Stanley, Floyd’s defense attorney, told the South Bend Tribune. “I will say this on Michael’s behalf: obviously what he did back in March was very poor judgment. It was a terrible mistake on his part, but never once did he try to give me an excuse for his actions or ever try to mitigate the seriousness of the offense. I was very impressed with that.

“He went through his counseling at Notre Dame. He actually did over 30 hours of community service voluntarily with a youth group in Minnesota when he went home for the [semester break in May], and I got a very nice letter from the director of that program. [Floyd] talked to young kids about the importance of academics and lessons of life that he’s learned.”

Floyd remains suspended indefinitely by Irish head coach Brian Kelly, though he was recently reinstated to participate in voluntary workouts this summer with his Irish teammates, according to a statement from the University’s football offices. The voluntary workouts, led by Notre Dame student-athletes and strength and conditioning exercises supervised by Notre Dame’s strength and conditioning staff, began June 6.

“Michael has made steady progress towards modifying his behavior and he may participate in the voluntary workouts being conducted by his teammates as well as the summer strength and conditioning program, if he so chooses,” Kelly said in the statement. “However, Michael still has steps to take before he can be considered for reinstatement to our football team.

“If he meets the conditions I have outlined to him and he demonstrates improved decision-making skills, Michael will have the opportunity to rejoin the team for practices and games this fall. If he doesn’t meet every criteria given to him, Michael will not play for Notre Dame in 2011.”

According to Kelly, Floyd has demonstrated genuine remorse for his infraction and acknowledged his problem, which is a major part of the battle.

“He’s already taken definitive action,” Kelly said. “I’m not going to get into his personal life, but I think you can read between the lines. He’s already reached out to make that happen in a very positive way. He understands that he needs to be educated, and he’s started that process.”

Kelly said the most important step with Floyd is for him to learn from his ways and not squander his days as a student-athlete.

“I’m a teacher and an educator, so from my perspective, I’m always thinking about educational opportunities,” Kelly said. “My first reaction is always about how can we learn. That’s me. I’m not in that other office. I come to work every day with our kids relative if they make mistakes, I think education first.”

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