Irish Sports Daily – Denbrock Drops In On CA Duo

AlexVanDykeDBMike Denbrock was in California this week and one of the Notre Dame assistant’s stops was at Cosumnes Oaks High School in Elk Grove.

Cosumnes Oaks head coach Ryan Gomes said Denbrock was one of about 40 coaches to drop by the school on Tuesday to check on 2014 wide receiver Alex Van Dyke and 2014 offensive lineman Kameron Schroeder.

“Probably more specifically Alex,” Gomes said. “He is the premier national recruit that we have right now.”

But the coach added the Irish’s West Coast recruiter was impressed with both prospects.

“First off, he loves both of them as kids and just good young men,” Gomes said of Denbrock. “He recognizes that they take care of business academically, they’re great character kids, they’re humble and worker-type kids who could play at Notre Dame and fit into what they do at the elite level. He was impressed by how big both of them are.

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